Mobile Accessibility Tool

Mobiles or wireless devices include any handheld device, regular mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, and wearables. This tool is based on guidelines derived from WCAG 2.1, which is not only applicable to web, but also to non-web mobile content and applications.


Step 1. Introduction

Please proceed with the selection of your preferred criteria to produce your draft guidelines.

Replay introduction

Step 2. Requirements

At this step, please select your preferred criteria to produce your draft guidelines.

1.1 Text Alternatives Images and non-text content must be provided with alternative text in Arabic or intended language.
1.2 Time-based Media It includes 9 success criterions. To provide alternatives for audiovisual content.
1.3 Adaptable Includes 6 success criterions to have an adaptable content and layout with no information loss.
1.4 Distinguishable Includes 13 success criterion. All are important to be able to see and hear content in different situations.
2.1 Keyboard Accessible Includes 4 criterion. All important to access all feature by keyboard.
2.2 Enough Time Includes 6 criterion. Users can extend or adjust any time limit in accessing the content
2.3 Seizures Includes 3 criterion. NO content that causes seizures or physical reactions.
2.4 Navigable Includes 13 criterion. Different methods and way to navigate content.
2.5 Input Modalities
3.1 Readable Includes 6 criterion for textual content readability and understandability.
3.2 Predictable Web page are designed with ease of predictability.
3.3 Input Assistance Includes 8 criterion. Users should be able to discover, avoid, correct and recover from mistakes.
4.1 Compatible Design for maxim compatibility with user agents and assistive technologies.

Step 3. Results

Based on your selection, your compliance rate is mentioned below. Please note that you can download your draft guidelines by clicking on (Export to Word Document).