Objective of the Framework

The objective of the ESCWA Disability SDG-CRPD Framework is threefold:

  1. To provide data producers with a common tool and language to guide the production of quality and comparable data and support efforts to improve the lives of persons with disabilities. Each indicator is supported by a standardized metadata to guide the collection efforts and facilitate production of comparable quality data;
  2. To develop a generic tool to support national statistical systems in engaging with their policy counterparts in identifying and prioritizing statistical information needs and data gaps for persons with disabilities;
  3. To support and inspire policymakers, civil society and academia to collaborate in designing more inclusive, responsive, effective and evidence-based policies and Facilitate monitoring of progress towards the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in the policy areas of the Sustainable Development Goals.[1]

[1]  SDGs policy areas includes: no poverty and zero hunger; good health and well-being; quality education; empowerment and decision making; peace, justice and no violence; decent work and employment; accessibility to sustainable cities and communities; and partnerships for the goals.