Regional Guidebook to Improve Disability Data Collection and Analysis in the Arab Countries

This regional Guidebook explores the different approaches in design; implementation and analysis of disability data collection in the Arab countries; in view of improving the standardization and implementation of the Washington Group Short Set on Functioning and related indicators used to capture data on people with disabilities.

It considers the role of disability statistics in policy analysis, including how information on disability can assist in the design of inclusive policies, and in monitoring and evaluating their impact. In doing so, it presents the Washington data-collection tools, examines the implementation of Washing Group questions and the best practices for data collection, and discusses measuring prevalence and analyzing data on disabilities before presenting the recommendations to improve data collection methodologies that could lead to capturing data on the majority of people with disabilities.

The Guidebook aims to improve the collection, analysis and availability of data on persons with disabilities by providing guidance in standardizing the implementation of WG questions and related indicators.