Yemen National Strategy for Disability 2014-2018 (Available in Arabic only)

The National Disability Strategy has articulated the vision, objectives and principles of the rights-based approach to disability, and suggested the time frame in which the strategy should be implemented, as well as who should be responsible for supervising, monitoring, monitoring and evaluating the process of implementing the strategy. Through this document, the government's commitment to emphasizing the recognition and guarantee of the rights of persons with disabilities, as well as the affirmation of Yemeni society's transformation towards integration, is demonstrated.

The preparation of the National Strategy for Disability and its implementation plan coincided with the completion of the comprehensive National Dialogue Conference, which establishes a modern civil state in which justice, equality and development are achieved. It also establishes a comprehensive reform process for the system of government in Yemen, in a manner that meets the hopes and aspirations of the Yemeni people of all groups. The outcomes of the dialogue will be a platform for security, stability and development in light of a strong united state.

Persons with disabilities and their organizations have played a prominent role in the work of the National Dialogue Conference through their representation and membership in many of its components and committees, and in formulating its outputs, which will reflect positively on the development of programs and services provided to persons with disabilities in Yemen.