Accessibility Standards for Mobile Phones and Tablets

Current smartphones and tablets perform all major functions of a regular computer, such as accessing and searching the Internet, viewing web and web-based apps, reading and composing emails, and watching and listening to audiovisual content. Mobile design and web-based mobile apps do not have a separate set of standards. They are covered by the main e-accessibility standards mentioned in the web accessibility standards section, which do not have any specific guidelines or criteria for mobile devices. However, they are sufficient to address all accessibility issues for persons with disabilities since the design of mobiles or tablets are built on web paradigms. WCAG 2.0 criteria for resizing text (1.4.4) or contrast control (1.4.3) apply directly to all handheld equipment with screen displays, as do keyboard criteria (2.1.1) and focus order (2.4.3). Moreover, sections 1194.21, 1194.22 and 1194.31 of the US 508 standards can be easily applied to mobile apps and content.