Multimedia Accessibility Standards

ITU has approved a number of standards for multimedia, including audiovisual content for persons with disabilities. Such standards are intended for people with vision and hearing impairments. Table 6 lists some of the main standards that also comply with WCAG. They cover a wide range of ICT services related to e-accessibility in general, not just web accessibility. They include television content delivery, Internet Protocol television (IPTV) systems, Internet via fixed or mobile broadband networks, multimedia and other ICT issues such as e-publishing and social collaborating platforms.

Table 6. Multimedia Guidelines, Standards and Definitions

Standard Covering
ITU-T H.702 (11/2015)a  Guidelines for Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) systems accessibility
ITU-T FSTP-AM (2015)b Accessing audiovisual meetings
ITU-T F.921 (08/2018)c Audio navigation system for people with vision impairment
ITU-T H-series Supplement 17 | ISO/IEC Guide 71 (2014)d Addressing audiovisual accessibility in standards
ITU-T F.930 (03/2018)e Multimedia telecommunication relay services
ITU-T FSTP-ACC-RemPart (2015)f Remote audiovisual meeting and other meeting requirements