Annex 1. Focal Points by Country

Country Lead focal point Additional focal point
Bahrain Ministry of Labour and Social Development High Commission for Disability Affairs, which includes all ministries, institutions, civil authorities and the private sector
Egypt National Council for Disability Affairs  
Iraq Commission for the Care of People with Disabilities and Special Needs  
Jordan Higher Council for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities  
Kuwait Public Authority for Disability Affairs (PADA)  
Lebanon National Authority for Disability Affairs  
Mauritania Ministry of Social Affairs, Childhood and Families Multi-sectoral Council for the Promotion of Persons with Disabilities
Morocco Ministry of Family, Solidarity, Equality and Social Development  
Oman National Committee for the Care of Persons with Disabilities Oman Human Rights Committee
Palestine Ministry of Social Development Higher Council for Persons with Disabilities; Palestinian Union of People with Disabilities
Qatar The National Human Rights Committee   Ministry of Interior - Human Rights Department; Qatar Foundation for Social Work; Ministry of Administrative Development Labour and Social Affairs; Planning and Statistics Authority; All ministries concerned with the services provided and civil society institutions. 
Saudi Arabia Ministry of Labour and Social Development  
Sudan National Council for Persons with Disabilities  
Syria Minister of Social Affairs and Labour / Secretary General of the Central Council for Disability Affairs (same person) Sub-councils for the disabled in the governorates, Department of Disability Affairs of the Directorate of Social Services at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour
Tunisia Higher Council for Social Development and for the Welfare of Disabled Persons  
United Arab Emirates Ministry of Community Development Executive boards at the government/local level
Yemen Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour